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-- THE NEW POLL ON MY FRONT PAGE! Last ditch effort to get these guys going again!…

ALSO. I have lifted the blacklist from the CCDIR! Anyone who was once blacklisted is now able to start anew! By offering you this second chance, I would like to see same respect given to me as I have offered to you! It's been years... and I bet some of you have grown up a great deal. We all make mistakes and I'm not against second chances!

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Hello, :iconkreis-y: here! These are some of the questions I seem to come across the most. This list will be added to as questions arise.


Q. May I create my own Capo?
A. No. Never. This is NOT an open breed.

Q. Then how to I obtain one?
A. By getting one from an already licensed breeder, or by catching one on an import sheet that I, CapoKing, has created.

Q. I just bought my first Capo! How do I register it?
A. Sometimes the group likes to be a jackwagon and not accept new members. If this is the case, just send me a note and I will send you an invite to the group. Once you're a member, just submit your dog's ref to the proper folder.

Q. Am I allowed to breed my Capo?
A. Yes, but only after first obtaining a breeding license issued by me. This is to regulate and monitor breeding and make sure no bad quality dogs are being bred by irresponsible people. It's also to make sure you know and understand HOW to create a Capo correctly.

Q. How do I obtain a breeding license?
A. You must make a trial litter. To do this you MUST use two existing dogs. You may not just create a fake litter with no pedigree. I need to see that you not only understand how to design a Capo, but that you understand how to place two parents together. Once you have created this litter, you must note it to me and I will review it. If there are errors, I will go over them with you until you correct them. If you succeed, I will issue you a license with your screen name or kennel name on it.

Q. I have my license, now what?
A. When you finally get your license, it must always be presented on the front page of your kennel and always in the description under your litter. Never should it be hidden and out of plain view. This is to help other Capo breeders to find you easily rather than making them go on a wild goose chase.

Q. May I inbreed/linebreed my Capos?
A. Under normal circumstances, no. I do not condone the irresponsible breeding of my breed. However, I am aware that responsible and purposeful linebreeding is helpful. If I know you're knowledgeable in genetics and a responsible breeder... I may make an exception. If this is something you're curious about-- note me and we will discuss it.

Q. My dog has a rare gene! Does this mean my pups will have it too?
A. If your dog possesses any rare genes... Ie; Reverse, Two-toned, Mafia Red, Brindle... then yes-- some of the pups will have these traits. SOME. It is not to be overdone. They are rare for a reason and may only pass on to a few, if any, pups in litter.

Q. I have a silky, will the pups be silky too?
A. Again, very very few. If you breed a feathered and a silk-- chances are you will only get a bunch of slightly longer haired feathered Capos. They will all be carriers of the silk gene, but will not represent it physically. Maybe one or two out of every few litters will pop out a pure silk puppy. Again, these are rare for a reason. However, if you breed two pure silk dogs together, all puppies will be silk.

Q. I see a lot of brindles! I thought these were rare?
A. They are! Brindle is not a color that the Capo naturally possesses... but sometimes it can pop up from lingering Borzoi blood. This gene is a fault in show but does pass along easily through pups. Just realize that brindle is against breed standard.

Q. What are Remmington Capos?
A. The Remmington Capo is the American bred bloodline which utilizes the merle and solid gene in Capos. These dogs are always the working line when bred true because of their close relation to Catahoula Leopard Dogs. You must always breed a merle Remmy with a solid coated dog to avoid double merle dogs. If you breed a standard pointed Capo to a Remmy, you will get a mix of the two-- adding points to your merle/solid dog.

Q. I see you have raised the prices of your Capos, as have a lot of other people. Why?
A. The demand was very high... and I found myself spending an excessive amount of time designing dogs and meeting this demand. Considering my Capos are sold via points... this left me selling my hard work for mere pennies. This helped me gain some worth for my hard work, as well as dumb down the excessive work load I found myself with.

Q. Does this mean I have to sell my puppies for the same price?
A. No. You can give your dogs away for all I care. But realize the demand is pretty high and people will buy them if you spend a decent amount of time on your designs. I would rather see people getting something for their hard work. Not everyone feels the same way... so you may do whatever you like.

Q. Someone came to my page under the title CCDI Polizia, what is this?
A. I have assigned a few members the privilege of keeping an eye out for people who break my rules. This may seem harsh... but I cannot watch everyone all the time. I want to make sure everyone is following my rules and that my dogs are not being neglected/misused/stolen etc. These people have the right to correct you, and will do so politely. Please respect them in return and realize they are knowledgeable when it comes to Capos and likely know what they're talking about. If you feel they are there in error, you're welcome to contact me.









Group Info

This is the Capo Cane D'Italia Registry (CCDIR)

Pronunciation; Ca(as in CAT)-POE Cah-Nay Dee Ital-ee-uh

All CCDI's (Mafia Hounds) must be registered here after adoption and before they are allowed to breed so I can keep track of all the dogs that have been adopted out. Registration includes any puppies that are bred, pure or mixed, as well as adopted imports. Please respect this rule or your dog will be taken back. This is just so I can keep track of everything.
Founded 4 Years ago
Jul 8, 2012


245 Members
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Licensed Active Capo Breeder Directory

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: This is the list of all current licensed Capo breeders that are actively breeding. These people have proven that they are responsible and know what they're doing and I have granted these people the privilege of breeding and selling.

This list is always growing and changing. If you are a licensed Capo breeder and do not see your name below, contact me, the co-founders, or the group, as one of us may have overlooked you. Thank you!

:bulletred: Before deciding on a kennel please have a look at the BLACKLIST DIRECTORY widget bellow this one, there you will find a list of members that CANNOT breed CCDI's. YES we try to update all of the lists but please check the Blacklist Directory to be sure. Better safe than sorry!

If you are looking for a Capo puppy, a Capo Stud, or a Capo Bitch... these people are the ones to contact. Some show and have tiled their dogs. Each one breeds for something a little different. Take a look around, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.


User names are all linked, and if that breeder has a kennel then it is listed beside their account name.


Kreis-Y - Boss Dog Kennels
Kach-22 - Mob Dog Kennels
Esaki - Radiant Star Kennels
SpiffyInu - Silver Wing Kennels
URs4NiN3Z - Ethereal Night Kennels
Muttari - Live Wire Kennels
PaintedCricket - Free Running River & Enfield Fields
dragonmissy - Out Law Ranch
NyxTheBrazaar - Painted Ankh Kennels
Eternal-Lyric-Kennel - Eternal Lyric Kennel
SilverCrossPokemon - Silver Cross Kennels
DingoMutt - Crooked Willow Kennels
knux33 - Knuckle Sandwich Kennels
Whitelupine -
HallowsEve - Deathly Hallows Kennel
EverlastingStables - Ever Lasting Stables
NightOfRavens - Dark Opera Kennels
kamikins - Sydnii Soleil Kennels
TheWyvernAndTheFox - Cross Fox Kennels
Dyrin - Written Inferno
EhwazMaddoxKennels - Ehwaz Maddox Kennels
DatNachtmaehre - Au Coeur de la Mer
PittMixx - Mixed Bag Kennels
DimensionKennels - Dimension Kennels
xMush-Kennelsx - Mush! Kennels
RottenDogg -Sly Rainbow Kennels
TexasLonestarKennels - Texas Lonestar Kennels
Meykka - Azur Kennel

Gallery Folders

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ninjastarhate Featured By Owner Edited Dec 20, 2015  Student General Artist
Hello, I've been away from the Capo scene but I want to come back :3
I believe I have quiet a few I still own and a breeding license :3

But I am having problems because some of my artwork got deleted and some litters are no longer up from ones I have bought...
Kyuuyula Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
After 2 extremly hard years in real life, I'm finally back to dA.

I own a few Capos and I was wondering if we are still allowed to breed with them right now.
I still need to check a lot of updates you posted in the group, but I'm just wondering whether or not I could breed and sell my Capos and pups from litters even if the breed is currently closed.

I hope you're feeling better, Kreis-Y. <:3
Kreis-Y Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there! Glad to see you back. c:

If you had a breeding license then yes, they can still be bred. <3
Kyuuyula Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

Alrighty then~. Since I have one, I'll think about a good breeding to get back into the game. Might take some time tho. XD
Thanks a lot for replying and sorry for the late answer on my side. >.<
CadenceWolf2443 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Is this breed still 'open'? Or rather, obtainable, I should say.
Kreis-Y Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Sorry, this is a very old post. I have had a hard year and left the CCDIR to kind of idle. The Capos are currently closed, BUT we will be releasing a new updated version very soon if you'd like to keep an eye out. c: 

I'm sorry for the inactivity and taking so long to get back to you!
CadenceWolf2443 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
It's quite alright, I understand! I hope that things get easier for you! I would also love to keep an eye out! I am very interested in this lovely breed!

It's quiet alright!
xStrayDogx Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015
this breed is closed, yes?
DatBlueLion Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Any idea when customs will open??
PhantomShadows Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
About how long do customs take? 
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